The Future of Mobile

Tenthavenue Selects Mediasmart as DSP

Tim Maytom

msWPP communications company Tenthavenue has selected Mediasmart as its demand-side platform and technology provider to help streamline its programmatic media buying operations.

Tenthavenue will make use of Bsmart, Mediasmart's mobile-first DSP, in a self-serve mode, enabling its teams to programmatically buy media within the open marketplace using real-time bidding, and through direct agreements the firm holds with media owners.

According to the IAB, by 2017 between 60 and 75 per cent of all digital advertising will be traded programmatically, and mobile inventory (particularly in-app advertising) is the primary driver of this change.

"We are thrilled to partner with Tenthavenue, a partner that not only understands the paradigm change that programmatic and the growth of mobile have meant for the digital advertising industry, but which plans to take advantage of it to deliver more value to advertisers," said Noelia Amoedo, CEO of Mediasmart. "We bring our technology to this partnership in addition to our experience and mobile expertise."

"This partnership fits perfectly with our personalised content distribution strategy as it contributes directly to three Tenthavenue pillars: data, technology and media," said Ludovic Chayriguès, COO of Tenthavenue France. "Our team thoroughly evaluated eight demand side platforms, and we are confident Mediasmart is the best choice.

"Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of their digital and out-of-home strategies, with a strong focus on mobile. This strategic partnership brings us one step closer in the direction."