Tesco Aims at the Low-cost Tablet Market with the Hudl2

Tim Maytom

Hudl2__pale_blueTesco has unveiled the successor to its popular Hudl tablet, boasting a complete redesign in terms of both hardware and software.

The Hudl, which was launched last year, has already proved a massive success for the retail giant, selling over 750,000 units in the UK thanks to its combination of low cost and decent specs.

The Hudl2 launched today was declared a "step change in technology" by the company, sporting an Intel quad-core processor and 8.3-inch full HD screen, and running on Android's Kitkat operating system. The new model will go on sale on 9 October.

The tablet also includes pre-loaded parental controls which allow for up to seven different user profiles which can be tailored according to age and suitability, and enable parents to set a time limit on how long children can use the tablet.

"The child safety filter on Hudl2 is more parent friendly than anything we have seen before," said Vicki Shotbolt, CEO of The Parent Zone, who worked with Tesco during development. "Tesco really understands that making a tablet as family friendly as possible needs to start at the design stage.

"We have been delighted to work with them to make Hudl2 as easy as possible for parents to use and the filter as effective as it possibly can be. Filters are never a total solution which is why we have worked with Tesco to create helpful information too."