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Tesco Celebrates Valentine's Day with 3D Projected Tweets

Tim Maytom

Tesco Valentine's Day 2The Tesco branch in Baldock, Hertfordshire, is using 3D animation technology to share romantic Valentine's Day tweets from its customers on the front of the store, projected 10 metres high and 40 metres wide.

The campaign was inspired by research conducted by the retail brand which showed that 23 per cent of  Brits would rather confess their love via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram than in person, while 20 per cent are planning to send romantic messages via social media this year.

The same survey showed that 11 per cent of respondents believe you're not truly in love unless it has been declared on social media, in what the supermarket termed a shift from public displays of affection to digital displays of affection.

"We wanted to help our customers send their Valentine's messages in a rather unique way this year, and it's made for our most romantic store experience yet," said Bryn Woodward, regional press manager for Tesco. "Whether you're into DDA or PDA, the project has been really popular as people are treated to romantic gestures when they least expect it."

Tesco has made 13 exclusive Valentine's e-cards available to customers which can be shared via Twitter and projected onto the front of the Baldock branch, which was formerly the home to the Kayser Bondor ballroom, one of the UK's most popular wedding venues in the 1960s.