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Transport for Greater Manchester partners with Mobilleo for IMOVE MaaS project

David Murphy

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is working in partnership with Fleetondemand’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) application Mobilleo to power its ground-breaking IMOVE project.

The EU-funded project, supported by TfGM, was established to create an integrated travel solution for the people of Manchester, by improving the way that different modes of transport work together in the city. The aims of the project are to reduce traffic congestion and encourage shared and active travel by allowing passengers to manage their journeys using a single application.

The technological provision for the IMOVE project was enhanced by support from members of the Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP), a multi-modal transport partnership, which includes founding members Enterprise Holdings representing the car and car share modes.

TfGM worked closely with Fleetondemand’s Mobilleo platform to consolidate multiple modes of transport for the project into a single IMOVE branded app. The IMOVE app provides travellers with instant access to car hire, car clubs, trains, buses, Metrolink trams and TfGM’s Local Link Service, enabling them to plan, book and pay for each journey using any iOS or Android device.

Fleetondemand is also providing dedicated customer support to complement the IMOVE app; digital marketing communications to engage with its end users; and a data platform that offers instant access to detailed management reporting information. The insight captured by the IMOVE app during the pilot phase of the project will help TfGM learn about the benefits of MaaS and any potential barriers to its effective deployment on a regional scale.

“The IMOVE pilot project is helping people who work in and around Manchester use the most effective mode of transport to get to their destinations, which includes commuting to and from work and business-related journeys,” said Sam Li, senior innovation officer at TfGM. “Its purpose is to encourage a positive change in travel habits, encouraging people to leave their own car at home and use shared or public transport, walk and cycle."

Oz Choudhri, head of MaaS at Enterprise Holdings, added: “Research shows that private cars spend up to 97 per cent of their time parked, are usually older with higher CO2 emissions and add to congestion when used at peak times. We need bold action to change how people think about getting around, and the IMOVE project is designed to demonstrate there is a practical alternative to jumping in your own car.

“It brings together some of the largest transport operators in the country alongside a progressive attitude from local government to find a solution to one of the biggest problems facing urban areas. This is the first test of the UMP’s proposal in action and, if successful, could be rolled out in other cities across the UK.”

In Addition to the IMOVE project for Greater Manchester, there are four other European Living Labs located in Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Gothenburg, currently investigating and validating IMOVE trials. The purpose of the overarching IMOVE project is to accelerate deployment and unlock the scalability of MaaS schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a ’roaming’ service for MaaS users on a European level.