Twitter rumoured to be working on Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service

Gabby Fernie

Twitter is considering launching a paid subscription service, according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. 

Wong tweeted screenshots of the service, revealing it will be called Twitter Blue and cost $2.99 (£2.11) a month.

Features will include a bookmark collection and an "Undo Tweet" button - similar to Gmail's 'Undo Send' timer, which will prevent a tweet from being sent for a few seconds after posting. 

According to Wong, the platform is also working on a tiered subscription model, meaning a smoother, premium experience for the highest-paying subscribers.

Twitter has not commented on Wong's revelation, but the company do not usually comment on her accurate uncoverings of upcoming features before they launch.

The platform has made a number of new product announcements over the past few months, including updating its warning for potentially offensive tweets and a somewhat controversial 'Tip Jar' feature, allowing users to donate to certain creators, but concerns being raised over user privacy. Earlier this month it also bought Scroll, a $5 subscription service that removes adverts from news sites. 

Following Apple's recent 'app tracking transparency' which requires apps to secure consent from users before profiling them, Twitter introduced a page asking users to give consent for tracking, telling them it would help the service “keep ads relevant”.

There is no news yet on when Twitter Blue might launch or who would be eligible.