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Twitter purges host of accounts known for stealing tweets

Tyrone Stewart

TwitterTwitter has decided to give its platform a bit of a clean up by suspending a number of accounts – some with millions of followers – known for ‘tweetdecking’ and stealing people’s tweets without credit.

The purge, which was first reported on by BuzzFeed, saw popular accounts such as @Dory, @SoDamnTrue, @GirlPosts, and @CommonWhiteGirl all suspended for violating the microblogging site’s spam policy.

These accounts are all known for stealing people’s tweets and teaming up with others in Tweetdeck groups in order to mass-retweet one another. It is against Twitter’s policy to allow users to artificially inflate their accounts.

It remains unclear for how long the ‘tweetdeckers’ will be suspended for, as it is unlikely Twitter would’ve chosen to permanently ban the accounts, despite its rules stating a violation of the spam policy is grounds for a permanent suspension.

Last month, Twitter made changes to Tweetdeck that meant users are no longer able to use multiple accounts to tweet, retweet, like, or follow at the same time. In addition, Twitter made changes to its API that meant third-party services are no longer able to allow users to post identical or ‘substantially similar’ content to multiple accounts and no longer able to allow them to perform simultaneous tweet-related actions.