Uber launches its first electric scooter service

Tyrone Stewart

Uber Jump scooterUber has launched an electric scooter service in its first US city – months after applying for a permit to take part in a 12-month test program on the streets of San Francisco.

The ride-hailing firm has launched a scooter option within the Uber app in Santa Monica, California through the Jump bike sharing service it acquired for over $100m back in April.

In order to make use of a Jump scooter, Uber users can make a reservation through the app or by walking up to an available scooter. To do this, they have to the mode switch option at the top of the home screen and select ‘Bike & Scooter’. Here, the user will be able to see the available Jump scooters nearby.

Once at a scooter, the user has to scan the QR code on the handlebar using the app and then they’re ready to go. To get going, the user just has to push the green tab next to their right hand and can press the red brake on the left handlebar to slow down or step on the rear brake.

“As we work towards having your phone replace your car, we’re thinking about all the possible times you’d hop in the car and go, and what smart, equally as convenient option we could offer to get you there instead,” said Rhea Dookeran, scooter product manager at Uber, in a blog post. “Whether going that last mile home from the train, to your favourite nearby restaurant, or between offices, scooters are an affordable, environmentally friendly way to get there. We can’t wait to bring scooters to more cities and help people conquer those short trips.”