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Uber now lets you change your pickup location, and it's helping drivers out too

Tyrone Stewart

Uber is finally making it possible to modify pickup locations – a change that its users have long been crying out for.

The change means that, if a user accidentally selects the wrong pickup location, they can tap ‘edit’ in the app and enter their new pickup address. This then notifies the driver of the change and adjusts their route as necessary. The update is only available to iOS users in the US, Canada, and the UK, for the time being – with plans to roll it out to all users in the three countries ‘in the coming weeks’.

“Pickups are one of the hardest parts of the experience to get right, and they’re especially difficult when riders accidentally request a pickup from the wrong place. It often begins with a phone call and ends with a canceled ride. A small miscue leads to a frustrating situation where riders aren’t riding, and drivers aren’t earning,” said Uber in a post.

“This simple fix gives riders more control over their pickup experience and saves everyone time and avoidable headaches.”

In addition to pickup modifications, the ride hailing app is providing more support to its drivers in the US and Canada.

Uber says it will now change the way it looks into rider complaints related to poor driving by taking into account driver history. In addition, it will now use technology to identify drivers following wrong driver reports, as well as using technology and input from drivers in the case of ‘wrong rider pickup’ disputes. Finally, Uber says it will give ‘appropriate consideration’ to the driver’s perspective in fare adjustments.

Uber said: “Many drivers have told us that some of our support policies feel stacked against them and seem to put riders’ interests above theirs. In response to that feedback, we’ve begun to make updates to customer support policies in the US and Canada that give drivers more of a say on concerns and complaints that affect their bottom line.”