Uber's Ride Sharing Service Banned in Spain

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_50664" align="alignleft" width="300"]Uber is asking users to support it online using the #YoApoyoUber hashtag Uber is asking users to support it online using the #YoApoyoUber hashtag[/caption]

Uber has suspended its UberPop ride-sharing service in Spain.

The shut-down follows a court injuction requested by Association Madrileña Del Taxi in early December, which led to a ruling against Uber.

Uber says it intends to appeal this decision and "look to develop new options to give Spaniards access to safe, reliable rides" – but, in the meantime, its service is "temporarily suspended" in the country.

UberPop, which first came to Spain last April, makes it possible to arrange rides from strangers – for a price. This essentially brings non-licensed drivers in competition with existing taxi services, something that has already led to bans in France and Germany.

Uber argues that the current regulations are anti-competitive, and is encouraging its Spanish users to act as advocates through the hashtag '#YoApoyoUber', which translates as 'I support Uber'.