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UN WFP's ShareTheMeal is letting givers see how their donations are helping

Tyrone Stewart

United Nations WFP ShareTheMealThe United Nations has introduced a feature to the ShareTheMeal app from its World Food Programme (WFP) that enables members to see how their donations are helping families in the need.

Through ‘The Table’ feature, monthly givers are able to receive updates and stories about a family they are supporting. It uses data from WFP’s Scope data management platform to let users know when a family has purchased food thanks to their donation.

“The digital revolution is enabling WFP to create online platforms, such as Scope, which help us to enhance the use of digital identities for people in need, so that we can know and serve them better. Digital identities allow WFP to rapidly and effectively provide food and cash assistance, especially in emergency situations,” said Kenn Crossley, global coordinator of cash transfers at WFP. “With the launch of The Table, we are leveraging this data to show donors their tangible impact.”

The ShareTheMeal app enables users to feed a child for one day with a donation of $0.50. The app has been downloaded more than 1m times and has provided over 21m meals to children in places such as Yemen, Syria, and South Sudan.