Using Mobile to Create a Buzz

David Murphy

Showcase Live was set for the grand opening of its live entertainment venue located at Patriot Place, near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. As a way to draw attention and get the word out quickly, Showcase Live partnered with 211(me), a mobile media company, to launch a contest offering wannabe stand-up comedians the chance to be the support act for comedian Dave Attell at the grand opening of the venue.

With just one week before the show, 211(me) was faced with the challenge of developing a program to rapidly engage the community. 

To get the word out, 211(me) provided each aspiring comedian with the tools to engage people, and inspire voters to support them, sparking what would become an explosive viral marketing/social networking campaign. When each comedian registered for the contest online, they were assigned an auto-generated mobile keyword, mobile flyer and social networking widget to share their information with anyone and everyone they could. Not only could people vote online through the website or social network widget, but voters could also text in their choice using the keyword. Additionally, the contest generated a viral buzz as promotional mobile flyers rapidly spread the word both online and via mobile. 

The benchmark for the program was to attract 20 comedians and 2,000 voters. Using 211(me)’s technology, results for Showcase Live vastly exceeded expectations, attracting more than 100 comedians and 23,000 voters. Within nine minutes of the contest going live, the first comedian had signed up and posted his social network widget. 
211(me) says that the campaign’s success was largely due to the digital bridge that it was able to create between the online and mobile spheres, enabling the company to quickly engage the community.