The Future of Mobile

Using Mobile to Raise Brand Awareness

David Murphy

In-game mobile ad network operator Greystripe has revealed the results of a recent mobile advertising campaign with electronics retail chain RadioShack. Greystripe developed the campaign RadioShack to drive key brand and persuasion metrics in order to increase awareness of and purchase consideration for the RadioShack brand.

Greystripe teamed up with marke research firm, InsightExpress, to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign using the mobile-focused research tool, Mobile AdInsights.  The research solution measured the attitudinal effect of mobile advertising via a test/control methodology. InsightExpress studied RadioShack’s ad campaign on the Greystripe network from 5 – 19 February 2008, with a total of 516 mobile respondents participating in the study. 285 respondents were exposed to RadioShack’s mobile ads and 231 were unexposed. Respondentswere gathered from the Greystripe mobile network and syndicated partner sites.

Results from RadioShack’s mobile ad campaign indicated a significant statistical increase in unaided brand awareness from exposed respondents. Awareness levels rose from 15.8% to 24.2%, an increase of 8.4%. Additionally, there was a 5.9% increase in the number of respondents who agreed that RadioShack is a “Top Wireless Store.”
Interestingly, a closer look at the brand metrics by gender revealed that the ad campaign resonated best with the female audience, as several significant metric increases were observed within this segment, The campaign also performed well with respondents aged 25-34. Among this group, unaided brand awareness increased by 10.9%, while the “Top Wireless Store” metric jumped 16.7%.
Finally, according to the study, the campaign outperformed mobile norms for unaided brand awareness by 2.2%. Compared to online campaign statistics, the mobile campaign came in 3.8% higher for brand awareness and 1.6% higher for purchase consideration.

The RadioShack campaign delivered through Greystripe’s network was able to significantly increase awareness of brand and purchase consideration amongst consumers.
“Based on our Mobile AdInsights analysis, the campaign that Greystripe developed for RadioShack was clearly a winner on many fronts,” says Joy Liuzzo, Director of Mobile Research and Marketing at InsightExpress. “Once again, we’ve seen that the mobile channel is not only effective, but can be instrumental in driving key brand metrics among important target audiences.”
Using Mobile AdInsights, Radio Shack was able to learn exactly which campaign elements were most successful and which audiences were most affected, such as 25-34 year-old women. The data also highlighted opportunities for both creative development and target market selection in support of RadioShack’s future mobile advertising initiatives.
“Mobile AdInsights has provided the feedback we need to continue to develop highly effective mobile campaigns for RadioShack and other advertiser clients,” says Jenny Burrington, Director of Advertising Sales at Greystripe. “This type of validating information has not only illustrated the success of this specific campaign, but also underscored the viability of mobile as a key marketing channel.”