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Indonesian street vendors are being are being kitted out with smart tech

Tyrone Stewart

Warung PintarA project from an early-stage investor is aiming to digitise the kiosks that sit on street corners right across Indonesia, and it has closed a $4m seed funding round to help it make this happen.

Warung Pintar, which translates to ‘smart kiosk’, is helping street vendors transform their businesses by bringing a range of technology to the stalls. Under the project, the kiosks are kitted out with a surveillance camera, a digital point-of-sale (POS) system, mobile phone charging points, an LCD TV screen, free wi-fi, and more.

On top of the technology for consumers, store owners will also be provided with digitised bookkeeping, warehousing, distribution process, and cash registry system provided by startups like Moka POS, Jurnal, Kudo, Do-Cart, and Waresix.

The project is the brainchild of Southeast Asian venture capital firm East Ventures. The firm has seen its retail tech startup receive funding from SMDV, Digital Garage, Insignia Ventures Partner, Triputra Group, and various angel investors.