We Are The Oceans uses mobile ad unit game to drive home plastics pollution message

David Murphy

Global ocean preservation collective We Are The Oceans (WATO) has launched a game contained within a mobile ad unit which aims to educate and inspire behavioural change around the use of plastics such as straws, bottles and bags, and the devastating impact they can have on oceans and marine life.

The campaign, devised by cause marketing company Playmob, centres on the game, called The Big Catch where, with the help of a rare and endangered Vaquita porpoise, players have to navigate through multiple, polluted, real-world ocean locations and collect as much plastic as they can. Between each level, players are asked questions designed to teach them key facts about our oceans and the direct and deadly impact of plastic pollution.

The game, supported by UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services), is available as a playable mobile ad unit, distributed across a range of games and is also available to play online here.  

WATO is targeting the campaign, alongside its future initiatives, at the most hyper-connected and socially conscious generations, Millennials and Generation Z consumers, engaging them on their terms through collaborations with creators, designers, inventors and innovators.

“We believe that the fun and engaging nature of online and mobile gaming has the power to get the message of the oceans to people globally on their terms,” said WATO CEO and founder, Daisy Kendrick. “We’re focusing our first campaign on the issue of plastics as they are so permanent, indestructible and one of the oceans’ biggest pollutants. We are challenging players to collect 1m lbs of virtual in-game plastics, which we hope will inspire long-term behavioural change, and are inviting players to take the WATO pledge and commit to reducing their usage of plastics.”