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Whoosh partners with Karhoo to connect train passengers with taxis

David Murphy

Rail tech firm Whoosh has partnered with Karhoo to provide new first- and last-mile transport capabilities for rail passengers.

Passengers can scan bespoke, in-station or at-seat QR codes with their smartphones for Whoosh’s Real-Time Journey Dashboard – a one-stop shop for all journey updates, special offers, at-seat catering and more, including onward journey planning.

The Real-Time Journey Dashboard’s Taxi Module is powered by Karhoo, the global distribution platform for taxis, which aggregates licensed taxi and for-hire fleets. The Taxi Module itself, accessed by toggling across the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, allows users to pre-book rides from a diverse range of local and national taxi and private hire vehicles. Passengers will be able to guarantee a reservation by e-hailing drivers to designated meeting points, whether that’s at their destination station or beyond.

The Taxi Module will be available on both of Whoosh’s affiliated digital platforms: Arrive’s Grand Central Journey Central, and Network Rail’s Station Connect.

“We are excited to partner with Karhoo to provide smarter seamless onward travel solutions,” said Whoosh CEO, Edmund Caldecott. “Whoosh and Karhoo are aligned in our shared vision of how travel technology can improve the passenger experience. Users of our Whoosh platforms will now have the ability to book taxis from the comfort of their seat through Karhoo's integrated services. This exemplifies how travel tech can revolutionise end-to-end transport by creating new innovations and new capabilities through integrated tech mobility solutions.”