Masterclassing celebrates International Women's Day with #SheIsABitch social campaign

David Murphy

Following the success of its International Women’s Day campaign, #SheIsABitch in 2021, which empowered women pet parents to reclaim the word bitch for its true meaning and purpose – a female dog –, India’s first holistic preventive pet care brand, is running the campaign once again this year.

#SheIsABitch promotes the correct use of the word ‘bitch’ while empowering women to lead this change in thought and mindset. The second part of the User Generated Content (UGC) campaign will drive messaging via the impact the campaign created by communicating through testimonials from women parenting female dogs. 

As last year, the campaign hopes to see participation from men in a bid to reclaim the word bitch for their female dogs. Moreover, also aims to further deepen awareness about the fact there is to be no negative connotation attached to the word ‘bitch.’

Developed and executed in-house by the team at, the campaign is live across social media platforms, as well as the pet parent community, Wiggles Tribe, on Facebook. 

“As a pet parent, a founder who has devoted herself to pets and most importantly a woman, reclaiming the word ‘bitch’ and removing the negative connotations associated with the word is our top priority,” said Founder and CEO, Anushka Iyer. “Breaking away from stereotypes begins with conversations, and that’s exactly what we have aimed at right from the start; to get people to challenge the status quo and change the narrative. Our pets don’t deserve an ounce of negativity, nor do women who are independent and opinionated. We are certain that our campaign is moving in the right direction and we will put together all our efforts to create a loving world for our pets, pet moms, and women across the board who take a stand and prioritize themselves.”

Anyone who is a pet mom to a female dog(s) specifically, and would like to be a part of this campaign, can upload a black a white picture of themselves with their dog, on their Instagram handle, using the hashtag #SheIsABitch and tag Wiggles on Instagram on @wiggles.india on to be a part of positive social change.