Workshop Week Previews: Optimove, QueryClick, Mapp

David Murphy

Masterclassing’s Workshop Week, in which our partners will deliver a total of 18 Workshop sessions over three mornings, starts a week today. Here we continue our preview of the sessions with a closer look at Workshops hosted by Optimove, QueryClick and Mapp. Each session lasts for 45 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 25 UK-based, senior brand delegates.

Session: Customer Rhythm and Engagement
Host: Optimove
Date: Tues 17th
Time: 9am
What is the customer rhythm and how can it help prevent churn? In this workshop, Roni Cohen, Director of Customer Success at Optimove, will review different techniques to recognise customer behaviour trends, leveraging insights into personalised messaging when engaging with your customers.
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Session: Why Standard Attribution Solutions Do Not Work
Host: QueryClick
Date: Tues 17th
Time: 11.30am
Uncovering the broken data at the heart of web analytics, and how to rebuild it to represent people rather than devices is key. This Workshop, hosted by QueryClick CEO and Founder, Chris Liversidge, will touch on analytics and attribution best practice, ecosystem decisions, and how to get towards a unified view of the customer journey for customers that never convert.
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Session: Say Hello to the “Offline Cookie”
Host: Mapp
Date: Thurs 19th
Time: 10.15am
How do you close the gap between your offline and online stores? Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand your customers behaviour in-store, and join that up to their digital profile? For brands with an offline and online presence, now is the time to finally close that gap and understand how your customers sit in both realms. In this session, Aria Rabet, Solutions Consultant at Mapp, will explore the power behind this critical insight, and give you some practical tactics that you can use to deploy your very own "offline cookie".

Learning outcomes:

• Learn about the offline cookie, not just another buzzword

• Examples of how leading brands have implemented and used this new data

• How you can build your own offline cookie

• Smart ways of using the offline cookie for your business

• Tools you can use to leverage this data

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There’s more information on these and all the sessions in Masterclassing Workshop Week here.