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Bacardí Rum launches Snapchat Lens to help drinkers maintain 1m social distance in bars

David Murphy

With pubs and bars preparing to re-open this weekend in England, Bacardí Rum has launched a Snapchat Lens to help cocktail lovers ensure they maintain a safe 1m social distance while enjoying their drink. 

The AR (augmented reality) Lens showcases the distance between smartphone users and their friends while enjoying cocktails at their local bar or restaurant. Once activated, as users approach the 1 metre distance, the Lens responds, showing how much further they need to stand back to maintain the 1m social distance. Once the distance is met, they are digitally transported via the Lens to a Caribbean island celebration with the addition of sunglasses, palm trees and the official Bacardí anthem, the Sound of Rum. 

“4 July is the true re-launch of the summer in England, and we want to support both bartenders and consumers the best we can,” said Bacardí Brand Director Europe, Fabio Ruffet. “We know that people have a special bond with their local bars and restaurants, and ensuring they can return to celebrate in style is something we feel passionately about. The UK bar scene has suffered a great deal during the pandemic, and we are so pleased to see our bartenders back behind the bar, while maintaining social distance of course.”

The lens will be available from tomorrow in “key cities in England”, not including any that are currently in local lockdown.