BMW and Mobileye Agree to Collect Self-driving Map Data

Tim Maytom

BMW and Mobileye, an Israeli technology company, have signed an agreement to introduce Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) technology in BMW models entering the market in 2018. Last week, Mobileye entered a similar agreement with Volkswagen.

Vehicles equipped with Mobileye’s camera-based driver assist technology will crowdsource real-time HD mapping data in a bid to make autonomous driving ‘safer and more efficient for consumers’.

To support the creation of maps, BMW and Mobileye will transfer anonymised data to mapping and location service Here. Here will use the data to conduct real-time update to its maps, its cloud service, and enhance its open location platform.

Klaus Fröhlich, member of the board of management for development at BMW, said: “The data of future BMW vehicles will enrich the quality of maps and services for everyone. Furthermore, this represents a significant step towards introducing the BMW iNEXT with its features of highly automated driving in 2021.”

BMW and Mobileye revealed last month that, in partnership with Intel, they would be bringing a fleet of approximately 40 self-driving cars to the roads by the second half of 2017.

Professor Amnon Shashua, chairman and CTO of Mobileye, said: “We welcome the opportunity to take this next step in our relationship with BMW Group.”