Colgate launches sonic brand

Gabby Fernie

Colgate has teamed up with creative music agency, MassiveMusic London to launch its sonic brand identity.

Whilst still a relatively untapped asset, sonic branding is increasingly becoming a key way legacy brands can differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Colgate needed a sonic brand that was memorable, modern and reflected its core brand promise of 'Optimism in Action', whilst also being flexible enough to be stretched into different genres and work across all product offers.

To achieve this 'optimistic' sound, MassiveMusic grounded the music in science. 

Speaking to academics, ethnomusicologists, and neuroscientists, MassiveMusic’s research pointed them towards the human hum as the perfect timbre (or sound quality) for the sonic logo. Consisting of a blend of both female and male tones, the sonic logo was meticulously recorded in such a way as to sound very real, close, and natural.

The choice of key was again based on research, with the key of D Major being widely accepted as optimistic in nature. The choice of notation and the portmanteau bend towards the end of the sonic logo syncs to the smile visual animation and creates an activating feeling without being overbearing.

By creating a new and original sound that better matches who Colgate is as a brand, rather than looking to the sounds of the sector, Colgate has been able to carve out its own area in the market.

“It really was an incredible experience developing the Sound of Colgate with MassiveMusic. The process, collaboration and outcome was fascinating and really enjoyable. The result is a strategically valuable asset that will play out across our global marketing campaigns. We look forward to continuing developing this side of our brand” said Global Head of Design at Colgate, Jared Richardson.