Condé Nast Sets Policy on Native Advertising

Tim Maytom

iPhone-BigCondé Nast, the publishing giant behind Vogue, GQ and The New Yorker, has sent its editors and publishers a 4,000-word document for review, detailing how it will approach native advertising online.

The document was put together by Tom Wallace, the company's editorial director, reports Advertising Age, with a view to unifying all its publications' approaches to native advertising and providing a reference point for disputes between publishers and editors. One editor described it as a 'Magna Carta' for native ads.

Condé Nast's move in producing the document signals the growing move towards digital publishing by high profile magazines, with more readers consuming content online and advertisers hoping to offset shrinking revenues from print.

The document also addresses other online policies for the company, such as how it will handle consumer data. A Condé Nast staffer described it as "an evolving set of practices" that will help simplify the process of selling native advertising.