Masterclassing Workshop Week Preview: Relative Insight

David Murphy

Masterclassing’s Workshop Week, in which our partners will deliver a total of 16 Workshop sessions over three mornings, is less than two weeks away. Over the next few days, we are previewing the sessions starting with a Workshop from Relative Insight.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 25 UK-based, senior brand delegates. Delegates can register for more than one session. Take a look at our first three below and Take a look at the sessions below and click the 'Register here' link to sign up for any you like the look of. 

Session: Compare How Audiences Talk – You Will Find Insights You Never Imagined
Host: Relative Insight
Date: Weds 18th
Time: 10.15am
In this session, Relative Insight CRO James Cuthbertson will present a couple of genuinely cool use cases that will showcase how unique language comparison methodology can uncover exciting insights for marketers in the consumer space. By comparing all the things that specific demographics and target audiences talk about, you'll discover information about what makes them tick, to help you craft more effective marketing communications.
Register here.

There's more on this and all the sessions in Masterclassing Workshop Week here