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Miss Piggy Chats to Fans on Facebook Thanks to AI Tool

Tim Maytom

muppets on phones
Iconic Muppet Miss Piggy will be connecting with her millions of fans via Facebook Messenger for three days this week, thanks to artificial intelligence chat technology created by Imperson.

The campaign by Disney aims to drive awareness and engagement with the Muppets, who are currently starring in a new series on the company's ABC network in the US. Miss Piggy, who hosts the 'Up Late with Miss Piggy' segment within the show, will be available for one-to-one chats with fans for one hour slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, using a special 'Message' button on her Facebook page.

"I see this as a gift to all those who love me, who admire me, and who have always dreamed the impossible dream of chatting with me," said Miss Piggy. "Here's your chance. Come and get it!"

The campaign uses the AI-powered chat tool created by Imperson in partnership with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Labs and The Muppets Studios. Imperson was a participant in the 2015 Disney Accelerator, and has previously run AI chatbot campaigns to promote films like Unfriended.

"I think having a conversation with Miss Piggy will give fans a good idea of what I go through every day," said Kermit the Frog, executive producer of 'Up Late with Miss Piggy'. "I think everyone will learn something, plus I'll get an hour of peace and quiet while she's chatting with fans. Win-win!"