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Mobile Marketing Magazine acquired by Masterclassing

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Dot Media, the company which publishes Mobile Marketing Magazine, has been acquired by Masterclassing, the global digital marketing events business. The deal includes all of Dot Media’s assets, including Mobile Marketing Magazine, the Mobile Marketing Summits event series, the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and the Programmatic Lunch series. Both companies’ existing brands will continue to operate independently, but the acquisition will accelerate opportunities for global expansion.

Masterclassing, founded in 2011 by James Cameron, John Owen and David Murphy organises digital marketing events globally from offices in London and New York. The events bring together digital marketing experts from the supply side with brands who need their expertise and technology to advance their digital marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing magazine originally launched in 2005 and became part of Dot Media, founded by Owen and Murphy, in 2010. Its website attracts more than 40,000 unique visitors a month. The Mobile Marketing Summits event series brings together brands and mobile marketing experts, while the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, launched in 2010, celebrate excellence in mobile marketing. The Programmatic Lunch series, launched in 2017, brings together the entire Programmatic ecosystem to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Commenting on the acquisition, David Murphy said:
“This is a great move for both companies. While Masterclassing’s strengths lie in the digital marketing field, Dot Media has a strong focus on mobile, through our publications and events. Masterclassing has quickly established itself as a global company, running approximately 150 events in more than 33 cities across the world in 2017.

"The partnership will enable us to take our mobile events beyond the UK. We have a number of US events in the calendar for 2018, with other territories to follow. It’s also great news for our loyal audience, presenting more opportunities for brand marketers and mobile and digital marketing experts to meet and learn from each other.”

The US & Canada Summits program begins with a Mobile Marketing Summit in Chicago on 15 March, followed by further events throughout the year in New York, San Francisco and Toronto. The Call for Entries for the 9th annual Effective Mobile Marketing Awards will launch in the spring, while Masterclassing’s Effective Digital Marketing Awards will launch at the end of this month.

The Mobile Marketing brand, online and print editions will all be retained and our commitment to covering the global mobile marketing industry remains as strong as ever.

You can see the current schedule of Masterclassing events here. For more information contact [email protected].

You can see the current Mobile Marketing Summits schedule here. For more information contact [email protected].

And If you're planning to be in Barcelona next month for Mobile World Congress, we'd love you to join us in celebrating at our Mobile Marketing Mixer on 27 Feb.