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Podcast: Using Gamification for Social Good

David Murphy - Member Content

Tune in to this exclusive podcast in association with Gameloft for brands and UNICEF, in which David Murphy talks to Quentin Moreau-Defarges, Head of Creative Strategy, North America, at Gameloft, and Codi Trigger, Global Campaign Manager at children’s charity, UNICEF.

The conversation centres on a recent collaboration between Gameloft and UNICEF, which saw the game developer create a bespoke game to raise awareness of the plight of migrant children, as part of UNICEF’s 'Unlock Their Potential' campaign.

The game features three migrant children, Pouya, Sama and Nora, as the lead characters in the game. The aim is to help them achieve their real-life dreams of becoming, respectively, a pilot, an author, and a doctor.

In the podcast, Quentin and Codi explain how they hit upon the idea of using a videogame as the central mechanic of the campaign; how the children were deeply involved in the design of the game; the key gameplay considerations when designing a game to promote a specific cause; and the success they have seen so far.

You can catch the podcast here.