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Seven Mobile Commerce Trends for 2017

Tim Maytom

98 per cent of retailers now boast a mobile-friendly web presence, but how many of them are truly meeting the needs of today's mobile-first consumers?

Episerver's new report on digital commerce surveyed over 1,000 participants including 100 top retailers, and enables marketers to get to grips with some of the cutting-edge trends that will define this year in mobile.

Find out why Episerver has declared the app boom over, investigate the demand for augmented and virtual reality in retail, and find out why its so important to ensure a smooth customer journey on mobile.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why responsive design is beating mobile redirects
  • How machine learning is changing personalisation
  • What shopping experiences consumers want most

Episerver's Seven Mobile Commerce Trends for 2017 can be downloaded for free here.