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Sky's programmatic TV offering moves into second phase of trials

Alex Spencer

Sky Media has launched the next phase of its trial for programmatic TV buying.

Following a pilot with media agency group Omnicom earlier this year, the platform – built in partnership with Videology, and known as Sky AVx (Audio Visual Exchange) – is now entering its second 'test and learn' phase, expanding the available platforms and inventory available.

AVx will make it possible to buy ads on Sky's owned and operated TV content – both VOD and linear broadcast – in real-time using automation, the same way that programmatic works for digital.

The first phase implemented programmatic buying into the livestream of channels including Sky 1 and Sky Sports News on the Sky Go service, but Sky's roadmap eventually encompasses its full suite of broadcast platforms.

“Sky is on a journey to deliver a programmatic solution in the efficient, effective, measurable and brand safe environments advertisers demand,” said Graeme Hutcheson, Sky's director of digital and AdSmart. “These first steps are significant and will allow real-time ad-decisions to be made in a live broadcast environment for the first time.”

Given that TV has traditionally represented a fairly brand safe channel for advertisers, due to the nature of the the watershed and age-specific content blocks, Sky stresses that this process is 'fully Clearcast compliant to ensure that the right ads play out at the right time, to the right audiences, in a completely seamless and safe environment'.