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TikTok launches Gamified Branded Effect for advertisers

David Murphy

TikTok has launched a Gamified Branded Effect ad unit, which enables brands to integrate their brand messaging with interactive gamified effects that TikTok users can then use in their own content.

TikTok said the solution has been launched to accommodate the increasing interest and enquiries from advertisers who are looking to gamify their brand message to engage with its users. It also taps into the growing interest in gaming, which has grown by more than 200 per cent on the platform in the past year.

Users can use facial expressions, body postures, or other motions to control and interact with branded elements, with a sound-on experience. There are more than 20 types of gamified formats available for brands to choose from and customize for their campaigns, including juggling a ball on your eyebrows; and using your head moves to control a submarine

The effect templates do not include music. Advertisers can supply their own licensed song, or choose from thousands of licensed songs in TikTok’s Commercial Music Library. Users who use the gamified branded effect provided by the advertiser can choose to use the song provided by the brand, or use their own from the TikTok library.