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Workshop Week Previews: Braze, Mapp, QueryClick

David Murphy

Masterclassing’s Workshop Week, in which our partners will deliver a total of 18 Workshop sessions over three mornings, starts a week today. Here we continue our preview of the sessions with a closer look at Workshops hosted by Braze, Mapp and QueryClick. Each session lasts for 45 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 25 UK-based, senior brand delegates.

Session: Creating Brilliant Customer Experiences At Every Lifecycle Stage
Host: Braze
Date: Tues 17th
Time: 9am
Your customers move at a faster pace than ever before. To meet their rising expectations, ensure your brand is positioned to adapt to the digital technologies and channels that drive brilliant experiences. 83 per cent of consumers say they plan to shop online as much or more than they did at the height of COVID-19, leading to a 62 per cent rise in mobile acquisition. In this workshop, Magith Noohukhan, Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze, will detail how to communicate across channels and speak to consumers at each lifecycle stage. For every brand facing the challenges of today lies a new opportunity for tomorrow. Learn what your brand can do to retain new customers, drive higher cross-channel engagement, and transform new customers into loyal ones.
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Session: Using 1st Party Data to Supercharge Your Marketing
Host: Mapp
Date: Tues 17th
Time: 11.30am
Successful data-driven companies have been extracting value from data for years, knowing that it is critical to their success. So why are so many businesses still not doing as much as they could with their zero and first party data? In this workshop, led by Mapp Solutions Consultant, David Westwood, you will find out why some companies are outperforming others and what you can do to improve. You will leave this session armed with practical strategies you can leverage to supercharge your current marketing efforts.

What we will cover:

• Understand how powerful data can really be

• Convert more customers through hyper personalisation

• Why identification rate can be your most important thing to improve

• Learn what you could do with a Customer Data Platform linked to your engagement platform

• See in action the top digital tactics proven to boost results

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Session: Reducing Cannibalised Budget Wastage in Paid Search to Improve your ROI
Host: QueryClick
Date: Weds 18th
Time: 10.15am
Uncovering wasted media spend and identifying incremental ROI opportunities. This Workshop will discuss the relationship between organic and paid search, and how to avoid budget wastage through data analysis and optimisation. Utilising a bespoke Unified Search tool, Malcolm Gibb, Head of Paid Media at QueryClick, will explain how you can identify cannibalisation issues whilst also finding incremental ROI opportunities to grow your paid search performance in synergy with organic.
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There’s more information on these and all the sessions in Masterclassing Workshop Week here.